An Open Letter to our Customers – Past, Present, and Future

Tariffs have been a topic of conversation in many industries. While we have absorbed these price increases to this point, we have been anticipating a significant price increase from the RV manufacturers. It is now official.

Two of the primary RV manufacturers have contacted dealers to make them aware that a ‘Tariff Surcharge’ will be applied to all units invoiced after January 1, 2019. We were provided with a list of RV components and the price increase percentages the manufacturers are ALREADY seeing. These component price increases range anywhere from 4% to 39%. This will have a significant impact on our New Inventory and Parts pricing.

What does this mean to you, our customer? Simply, now is the time!

1) BUY IT! The inventory currently on our lot is at the lowest price we will see for a considerable length of time – if you have been considering any of our units, this is your opportunity to purchase at an incredible price!**

2) ORDER IT! If you have the perfect unit in mind, ORDER it before December 21st! Waiting until Spring will not be an economical choice.

3) FIX IT! Any service work you have been putting off or adding to that list of “I’ll take care of that later” should be addressed ASAP. Our service and parts departments are also incurring Tariff Surcharges – any parts we are ordering to complete your service work are increasing in price daily.

Stay tuned – as we gather additional information, we will continue to communicate with you.